Contact Us

If at any point in time you wish to speak to the website owner there are two publicly accessible forms of contact available below. However, if you are having issues with SHiFT Codes themselves ore require any form of support with the SHiFT System you will need to speak to a 2KGames representative.

This entire website is a fan-service with zero affiliation to the publishes and maintainers of the SHiFT System.

If you wish to discuss I can be reached via email at shiftcodepro[at]gmail[dot]com. Please do not waste both our time sending spam or marketing pitches. I am not interested.

Alternatively you can also reach me try reaching me on Twitter at @ShiftCodePro. My direct message are open, however I do not check this account as frequently as my email. It is mostly an automated bot service for publishing new codes.

Any other forms of contact that are purporting to be from are imposters. Any and all accounts that are associated to this site will be outlined here in this contact page.