About this website

In 2021 the SHiFTCode.pro site was launched and it is powered by the Unofficial SHiFT Code Archive while only focusing on active and functional SHiFT Codes. All the SHiFT Codes on this site are programmatically generated using the Data Feeds from that archive.

That means that all the data on this site is powered by the same SHiFTBot that powers shift.orcicorn.com and in essence this is a mirror of the Active SHiFT Codes page on the Orcicorn site. The general purpose to SHiFTCode.pro is to provide a simplified experience for finding and accessing functional SHiFT Codes.

No data feeds, bots or customized lists can be found here other than functional SHiFT Codes sorted by game. That's it. That's all. A simplified and streamlined experience to gather all your SHiFT Codes.

History and SHiFT Bot

You can read a lot more details about the history of SHiFTBot and the Unofficial SHiFTCode archive on the parent site. The technology stack is identical.


For the sake of clarity and transparency this is a FAN SITE. I am not affiliated with Gearbox Software, 2KGames, Borderlands or anything or anyone else in anyway what so ever. If you need support, want to complain or are looking for anything official, you need to reach out to those people. It’s their game, their software, their branding, their trademarks, their copyrights. I’m just a fan of the series who’s curating content.

Comments or Questions

If you have any additional comments, questions or suggestions, head over to the contact page.