About SHiFT Codes

In general SHiFT Codes are small 25 Character codes that can be used in a variety of games to receive free bonus rewards. These are most commonly in the form of "Gold Keys" which can be used on special loot chests in various video games, however there are often a lot of seasonal rewards delivered through SHiFT Codes as well.

SHiFT Codes can only be used once per platform per account. This means that when a new code comes out you can redeem it one time for every platform you have the game on. For example if you own Borderlands 3 on Steam and the Playstation, you can redeem a SHiFT Code twice; once for each platform. The rewards can not be combined so if the code is for 5 Golden Keys, you will receive 5 Keys on your Steam account and 5 keys on your Playstation account.

Gearbox Software and 2KGames are responsible for producing, validating and distributing SHiFT Codes for enabled games. This website is just a compilation of active codes so you do not have to waste your time searching the internet for valid codes. The website updates frequently to ensure only functional codes are published.

Common Redemption errors

The most common error with redeeming a SHiFT Code is a typo. Before reporting that a code is non-functional take a moment to review. It is very easy to mess up one of the 25 characters. Even one small mistake will cause the code to fail to redeem.

The second most common error is the SHiFT Servers themselves. When a new code is first published so many people are redeeming it that more often than not the server crashes. You can resolve this issue by waiting a little while before attempting to redeem your code, or just redeem it in the game itself.

The next most common error is also a result of the SHiFT Servers acting up. A lot of the times when you redeem a new code the website will say that it failed when in reality it actually succeeded. You can verify this simply reviewing your rewards section on the SHiFT Website. More often than not you will see that you actually received the reward regardless of what the error message during redemption said. Hopefully Gearbox gets this resolve soon, it's a relatively new error that began showing up near the end of 2020.

Getting Help

If you still are unable to redeem a SHiFT Code and you require assistance you will need to speak to 2KGames.

Their support Twitter is @2KSupport and they have an online ticketing system at https://2kgam.es/2KHelpMe. They are generally very good about resolving SHiFT issues and usually are pretty prompt.