Quick and Reliable access to All Active SHiFT Codes

What are SHiFT Codes?

Gearbox Software offers up these 25-Character codes on their social media accounts for a variety of video games they make and in some cases publish. The most popular of which is the Borderlands series. These codes grant the user free in-game loot such as Golden Keys, Skins, Weapons and other cosmetics.

SHiFTCode.Pro simplifies the process for acquiring these codes. We only publish the latest codes and we only ever have active codes listed on the site. No need to scroll and go digging through massive archives of codes. If you see it on our site, it is functional and ready to go.

Choose a category above to see all the active SHiFT Codes for that game. If the game you are looking for does not appear above, then there are no active codes available for it at the moment. Rest assured that the moment new codes are published they will appear here.